I AM NEW! HELLO HI i am new


Nah, copy and paste lol! :joy::boom:



Can you check the IP addresses of Sweetlina and SoulessSepai?


Off-topic but how do you get the little regular words beside your username?


It's in prefrences somewhere...


You have to become a regular first! Then you can change it in your preferences :wink:


Hi! I'm Zachyswag! To get started off:
Be helpful! Don't just stand there! Go and show the world how helpful you are!

Be nice! Dont say bad words, and DON'T! I repeat DON'T, start a flame war. You should know from birth how to be nice! If you see a not so good project, don't say bad things, just give ideas on how to make it better!

Make sure to flag! If you see something that is off topic, inappropriate, or just an annoying spam... FLAG IT!

Here's a couple posts to start you off on here!

I hope to see you around!!! :wink:

New To The Forum

Good tips! This user is threatening to hack sweetlina and give out her password.. We need mods here!


Oh, ok! Thank you very much!


You become Regular!

You have to read a lot of posts...
Be on for 50 days...
Not be suspended...
Have under 20(?) flags...
And more XD

When you get Regular, find the "title" thing in Preferences, and turn it on. Voilà! XD


Your welcome! :D

This user is suspicious to me :0

Mods? :) leaders?




Uh, what are flags?


No, @SoulessSepai. :D


No, she is talking to soulessenpai.




Nope! @SoulessSepai seems suspicous, not u :D


Ok! I just get mixed up easily...


That's ok! :D


They share ips.


So, it's @Sweetlina or her 'cousin' is at her house or close? :0