I AM NEW! HELLO HI i am new


Oh.... Good I didn't asked her for it!


Thank you for telling her no!
You are a life saver


No she was trying to hack my account and she was at my house because her house was burned down


That's a bad thing... I feel kinda sorry for her now


No it's fine she is now living in a not so good apartment


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Ur welcome! I was too lazy to log out anyways... XD laziness save lives!



@SoulessSepai is my cousin and she was trying to hack my account by the way


Why did she try to hack your account?


She explained it already


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Did she explain it here?




Off topic, but thanks for following me on hopscotch!


Was her house burnt down by the Canada wildfire?



My cousin was cooking something and then it got caught on fire


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Wow. Not a very responsible cousin! (Don't tell her I said that! :wink:)


So you wanted to hack her too


Lol XD
That's from ages ago ;D