I am making images transparent! (Hopsoctch related)


Hi melon bros and gals!

This is hopscotch related let me exsplain.

Have you ever had a image with the new hopsoctch update like this?

But you do not want the white background you want to make it a transparent image?

Well here you can ask me and I will make Iour images tramsparent!

All you need is your photo. Please no bad languge or exquisite content.

But post it here and I will make it transparent so no more background so whatever color background you have in hopsoctch (green, blue, ect.)

It will show the image with no background like this!

Hope this helps so just post away!

Note if they are not done right away sorry!



Awesome topic!


Thanks SmishSmash!!!!!


Cool! Can you do this:



Your welcome! :D


Once I get a chance I will! :-D




Can you do my profile picture please


Violent or you know.

Hopsoctch is made for kids!


Is it fine if I use this website, it's easier.


k y would u need to ask? i didn't make it, i have no rights to it


You gave the link! :-D


I can do this too! Tell me if you want any!


I think you meant *explicit


Wait what.
Did I say tang right? Dem' XD


Awesome topic!


Kewl topic!