I am looking for a name for my magazine


Hi guys! I'm currently looking for a title for my magazine and I'm stumped. I'd like it if you guys posted suggestions in this topic!
The person who wins will get to be interviewed in the second issue
Ella will be interviewed in the first issue


Magazine of magic.
Umm that's it




Uh.. Hopscotch Times?

@BlockyFocus sorry this got closed.


Hopscotch Monthly


Somebody uses that in HS I think...


Hopscotch Daily?


Hopscotch Gazette? No, sorry that's newspaper.


HS Mag?

Idk :joy: :joy:


I am thinking "Coded Focus" or "Illustrated Digest"


I like the first one, but maybe it could be "Blocky Focus" instead? :smiley:


I feel like making a magazine will draw attention to drama and create more, but that's just my opinion.


That really hurts my feelings. I got a whole new app and had to figure out how to use it for you guys so I could make a magazine for coding stuff.


Sounds good! @rawrbear you'll be interviewed


@Rawrbear or @RubyStars do you have flags?


Not for whoever that is.





So do you :stuck_out_tongue:



Maybe I am.
Anyway let's GBOT.



you got roasted