I am leaving the hopscotch forum


Yeah I'm sorta done with stuff here and I'm depressed over things...
And I have to say that you guys can be really rude to people.
Well anyways I'll pop in sometimes but bye (waves)


Aww, well miss you @Clowns. Youre profile pic will be remembered. :3


But I don't even know who you are


I know. I just hate it when people leave :sob::sob:


Come on why do you have to leave​:sweat::sweat::sweat:


K see ya :wave:🏻:wave:🏻:wave:🏻:wave:🏻:wave:🏻:wave:🏻:wave:🏻:wave:🏻


Because of depression, homework, and rude people


K bai!
I am not rude right?


Bye, we'll miss you!

I hope I didn't make you want to leave or be rude to you!


I don't think that's true. Everyone on the forum is super nice...
Well anyway, we'll miss you!


Bye @Clowns ;-;


If we work together we can stop the rude people one soon there will no rude people because everybody's nice!


K, bye