I am leaving the forum. :/



I might leave the forum. I haven't decided yet. It seems like a horrible time to leave, so I might wait until things calm down a bit. But I'm considering leaving and here's why:

The forum isn't influencing on my coding.

It is not helping my coding at all. I might help other people, but I'm really not needed, since all the mods and leaders are so great.

I don't want to do this all day.

I want to read, draw, run around outside, do other stuff, and the forum is drawing me in.

I'll be busy.

I'm homeschooled, and I'm starting on the 6th. I'm going into 6th grade, and I'll have less time for the forum. I'll also have like a million hours of ballet and pointe, so that will take away too. Plus I have to practice my instrument.

So yeah.

Remember, I might not leave, I'm just thinking about it. And I'll still be on hopscotch. Sorry I'm adding to all the drama that is going on right now.

My last topic. Bye

Okay, I respect your decision.


I agree. And tbh I agree that this forum is becoming less focused on coding


Okay I got it! Thanks for telling us. Do whatever you want!


Ok, I respect your choice.


Ok, I'd just take a break.


I made a decision. I am leaving. I may come on to the forum to check on things occasionally, nominate for featured, or report bugs. But that's it.
Thank you everyone. @smishsmash, for being my first and amazing senpai. @snoopy, for being a positive forum member. @kvj, for making my day constantly. @Serenity, for being the first artist I ever followed and looked up to. @hermione, for being my amazing coding partner, @Gilbert189, for making every topic interesting. (In a good way) @Kiwicute2016, for being the master of flame wars. @PopTart0219, because Beyoncé is awesome. @Intellection74, for being such a positive leader. @Mathgirl, for being sooo helpful. @BuildASnowman, funny, smart, and helpful. And everyone else, because I can't fit you all into this post,


So sad to hear that :frowning2:

I'll miss you.


;-; this is so sed ;-;

I'm going to miss you SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOS much senpai! ;n;
Thank you so much! ;u;


I am sad that you are leaving. I will miss you here at the forum!


Too bad @PopTart0219 is leaving. You should stay!


Aww, I hope you come back often and visit us. I'll make a fresh batch of cookies for you! ;n;


Goodbye, deer fren.

It makes me happy to hear that you looked up to me, and I hope you continue to code on Hopscotch. I understand your decision to leave the forum, and I hope that your life goes great! :+1:🏻:+1:🏻



Ohh ok that's sad :pensive: I'll miss u saw much


Happy Hopscotching!


Going on the sixth. Taking myself of omtl. Only tag me if absolutely necessary. Try not to give me any notifications starting on the sixth. This will be very tough.


T^T You're a great Hopscotcher and internet fren, and even though we've never talked I can tell you're a really nice person TT^TT
I'll miss you so much! TTT^TTT


Before I go, I should sshow a picture of myself.


@smishsmash @snoopy @kvj @Serenity @hermione, and all my other friends, this is what I look like.


Awesome! :D