I am leaving Hopscotch



I am not leaving Hopscotch forever, I am just taking a break and I am going to learn about REAL programing skills so I can actually program on the computer. I will be on the forums constently everyday but not on Hopscotch. I want to learn about programing and I am going to be programing the Lego® MindStorms EV3. I will be off for 1 or 2 months, maybe be back after Christmas!


I have an EV3 too!


Ok I wish you the best of luck with your programming. Also just so you now they now have an app that can do some programs.


Thats so cool! Me and my brother have so wanted Mindstorms! Have fun!!


Thanks for all of the support so far @BlackDawn and @BasketballNerd. And @BlackDawn, what are the apps called? Also @BasketballNerd, I got my EV3 last Christmas, I was happy, I was like this:


It is in beta but I will screen shot the email my dad got.


On your iPad search for mind storms on the App Store. They have cool apps. Good luck! :smiley:


It's good that you aren't leaving forever, I hope you'll be back soon!


Here you go @Phase_Studios


Haha I would react the same way!!!!


Nuuu! Don't leave! :worried:


Only for one or two months, probably going to be back after Christmas.


Best of luck, @Phase_Studios! The EV3 is cool. It will be neat, if you get a chance to return and share any of the new things you've done and how Hopscotch has helped with it.


I'm using Construct 2 which is free for pc.
You can make pc/ios games that can be sold.
You could try using this.


That's a neat insight.

I have not heard of that one. Or if I have, I must have forgotten it. Though it isn't clear to me that it would be appropriate in this thread or, in general, on this forum, I would still be interested in hearing your experiences with that app-creation software, @Stradyvarious. I have expressed a similar interest to @Phase_Studios. Perhaps an innocuous link to some of your work would be tolerated?

My guess is that, if a coder is resourceful enough to be able to create decent games and clever effects in Hopscotch, he or she is probably prepared to do so with other programming tools. If we were to have a discussion about it, then, what I would like to learn is how, if at all, working with Hopscotch has helped others reach that point and has led to any rewarding outcomes - for example, creating and publishing content to a broader audience.


Phase studios wants to learn proper coding.
This is a suggestion on game creation software he can use so it is appropriate.
I mostly respect your replies. But i'm not impressed this time with your long speech.
I believe @Phase_Studios has the intelligence to value my suggestion, even if you do not.
in future don't act arrogant and use patronising words like "Innocuous" just because you haven't heard of something before or understand it.
If you ever reply to me in such a manner again i will flag your message and will continue to do so to any future messages you direct towards me.


No speech intended, I am fraid that you have completely missed the intent of what I have attempted to express, @Stradyvarious. Mine is genuinely expressed enthusiasm for what you have shared. The real deal. Can you accept it? Read my "speech" again, if you can stand the risk of additional, imaginary offense. Some thoughts just don't fit into a sugar cube. That doesn't mean thst they are confrontational or judgemental.

The attention I draw to the "appropriateness" of the subject is not to question you at all. It is apologetic on my part - apologetic for the fact that I am actually FAR MORE interested in what you said than in the titular theme of the thread, which is, without a redeeming contribution like yours to make it kind of fun and interesting and positive, just another variant on the nauseating non-topic of whether this or that person is going to continue using Hopscotch for any number of reasons. I mean, surely, you do tire of it as well. No? Here, thanks, in part to you, is an opportunity to make the subject a very positive one.

With whatever respect you will accept as genuine, I would encourage you to use your above-average capacity for pragmatism to weigh the sincerity of what I have just said. If it was too complex again, my apologies...again, for not having simply said, "Whoa. Cool. Thanks. Duh. 20202020202020"


Again you finished your speech in a foolish,arrogant manner.
I won't flag you but i won't reply to you any longer .


Hey, @Stradyvarious, look, it's completely bizzare to me, but I think I understand what the disconnect is. I appreciate you for making it explicit. In one variant of your post, I see that you have drawn attention to a word that I used, perhaps not understanding its meaning. That word is "innocuous". I sense that you have taken that word to be some kind of pejorative. Or a slight. Or some other mean thing. It is not. Not at all. Ah, text. I probably should have used the word "harmless" to avoid misunderstanding. What I mean is that, even if some other picky person were to object to the mention of other code languages, as we have seen them do, surely he or she would consider an innocent link to some example material written in one of those other languages (perhaps that you have authored?) to be acceptable on this forum. I would hope so, but surely you've seen that some people (not me) object to even the very mention of other languages. In that light, and in only that sense, i have said the word, "innocuous," as in, "surely, not harmful." For me, not only is it not objectionable, but I would have been thrilled to see something you have created in the alternative tool that you mentioned. This is my innocently-expressed support for that. It was not intended to evoke a defensive response.

I understand that you're not going to respond to me, and that's perfectly fine, and, in fact, probably preferable; but, believe it or not, and even if it's not mutual, I care that you and all other Hopscotchers feel encouraged! We need more of that in the world! However clumsily expressed, it's only goodwill. I don't want you to carry unhappy feelings. So, let it not go overlooked that I am expressing true appreciation for your having mentioned a coding tool, about which I have never heard. Again, my thanks are genuine. As are my attempts to encourage you and @Phase_Studios and anyone else to continue learning and, if the opportunity arises, to return and to share what has been learned and how it might have been helped by working in Hopscotch. Is that bad? Rhetorically, what possible offense could a reasonable person take from that? It's bewildering, particularly from someone as skilled, insightful and articulate as I believe you to be. There is no arrogant sentiment intended. Pure positive curiosity on my part. And I am being scolded for it.

Oh, well. I can handle it. I still think you're awesome... and worth the time, from half a world away. :sunglasses:


I like this conversation with you. No one else would bother.
I first thought you were a retired maths/science teacher the first few times i read your comments. Then some teenage/young adult attitude started to wrap around your replies to ppl on here. I'm guessing you are over 18.
I won't mention other coding apps/software on this forum anymore as very few have showed any interest except @JaszyKake