.I am leaving Hopscotch



Yes, I know. I made 3 leaving topics already, but I can't limit myself. I have examinations and pages of homework. There is no time for the forum. So I'm asking one of the admins or moderators to suspend me for 8 years. I hope my posts will still be there but I won't.
My legacy will be forgotten because I'm such a bad coder. And it ties in with recent events of people leaving.


Ok bye :cry:


I thought you were a dad woah


Y'all gotta stop making me feel so bad and mocking my eight year suspension just stop it


Your legacy will NOT be forgotten.......


What?! Now its the fake TRB that leaves? Noooooooooo..... I was your fren...


It's not the fake one. I am the real one. Just checking on notifications.


Do not get the mods to suspend you though.

You might wanna come back during winter break, or summer break.


I'm gonna miss you! I will remember you. I will remember the first day you got featured.


Me too, remembering our nice friendship.