I am leaving Hopscotch (How come that title was already taken?!)




Yep I'm leavin.g hopscotch.
But I might come back like I always do.

Now my glorious lists will provide you with the answers to the questions your curiosity ponders about

Why am I leaving?

  • Drawing on Hopscotch is way too hard, and I can't code so that's all I can do
  • Again, I can't code and coding is what hopscotch is about
  • I spend way more time on the forum, and I'm never going to be on the app. AND THE APP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING

Why leave the forum though?

Oh, you thought I was leaving the forum...

Well I'm not.

I hope that this all makes sense to you guys, so Ciao~

Credit to my random person sitting next to me for advice on how to write a topic. Though I already know how, but who cares!
Oh and also some more credit to Yato for being so fabulous.

"Ahem, I thought I said to bed now, so go!"




Bye. The title was taken cuz a lot of people leave.


Why don't you learn some coding? It's not hard, and it's really fun :smiley:


;~; shame... one less great artist/coder on HS...