I am leaving Hopscotch for a while


I am leaving hopscotch because when I get home I always check Hopscotch forums and Hopscotch. So I will be slowly cutting back on my usage of Hopscotch in my spare time. I will come back in the middle of June, because that is where my school ends around. I will start next Monday. It also makes me not do my Homework, but I do not blame Hopscotch, it is all me.


Okay, good luck quitting! It's hard! :yum:


Ya know, I am starting next week so I can be ready for it, and that I need to do A LOT of stuff on Hopscotch before I leave.


I doubt you can last long without hopscotch. After a month, no matter what, you'll get right back into this. It's hard to leave for a while. New inspiration, the need to play games.... Thrust me, I've tried to stay away a little bit, and I just couldn't.


The last time I said this, after a week I said I was back.


A :heart: for you!


Good luck! It's hard staying away from hopscotch :yum:


@BincBrega1, a :heart: for you!


See ya in June...or sooner :laughing:


Lol, silently luaghing. No one else is awake, misa a procasinator.


Can you go on the MK38C website? I SEE MY KITTY CAT!!
@Rawrbear, can you too?






The thing with Hopscotch is that it is mobile and fun. There are always projects to find or make. It is quick and easy. In a way, addicting. Hopscotch isn't really a game, but it is just fun. It brings coding from sitting at a computer with confusing words, to our while science class (and half the school) doing it all the time.


I'm taking a break too. I was spending half my day (more actually :grimacing::flushed:) on hopscotch, it was super hard. I could've even stay away from the forum. So here I am. I lasted two days. At least I haven't reinstalled the app yet :sweat_smile:.


So your not quit5ing


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Wish you the best of luck!




I hope you get better with the homework thing