I am here to help!



So I have been very happy lately (maybe even more than @SmileyAlyssa!) and I really want to help some people out. If you need help with forum tricks, coding, art, just come here! I will try my best to help, or I can tell you someone who can.



Great topic! :smiley:


:open_mouth: nobody is happier than meh! Jk :joy:


You never know..... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Could you help me code?


@MonsterGamez, what do you need help with? I already have 2 coding partners, but I can definently help. :grinning:


I need help with an ai


@MonsterGamez, Artificial intelligence or something else? I just want to know, because AI stands for a lot of different things.


Artificial intelligence yes


Ok. What is your problem? I can do my best to help. :smile:


I'm using a trail for a race track but I can't find a way for my car to interact with it without having to use more objects or text blocks


First of all, I would not recommend using trail blocks. Shapes are much easier, and you can use the clones to make the road curvy.


And my simple ai needs to respond to the track in order to work


K thx for the help I'll try that


Maybe you can use the set position block? Then you can make the car set position to a certain shape, then just change angle as you drive.


I'll try that too but the clone didn't work


Do you know those rollar coaster projects? You can use that for the clone help. :slight_smile:


What are polls and how do u make them??? @Dude73


@Candycane, A poll is where you can get the community's opinion and you make them like this:
- option 1
- option 2
- and so on

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