I am going to write a mystery story about hopscotch!


I am going to write a story about hopscotch which is a mystery !! Here Hopscotchers suddenly start dissapering but it is their iPads / phones have hacked

I need two other writers and two editors !,

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Characters :
Name : Jasmine Price
Age : 14
Gender : Female
Appearance : Short blonde hair parted from the middle, layered hairstyle, light green eyes, fair skin


Name: In the story? Candy
Age: 12 (this isn't real)
Gender: Girl
Appearance: straight pure black hair with side bangs with a red headband, usually down. Peach skin, bright blue eyes, wears hot pink T-shirt with candies on it. White long pants. Rainbow sneakers without laces. Watch with a candy and a Rainbow bracelet on left hand. Smiles a lot.

Name : Guild
Age : 16
Gender : Male
Appearance : Black t-shirt, with a coded in knife on his sides

Name : rin (not the vocaloid k)
Age : 14
Gender : female
Appearance : short red hair with black shorts and a white shirt, with black glasses.

Name : JojoDude
Age : 12
Gender : Male
Appearance : Light brown hair, blue eyes and olive skin.

Name: Sasuki
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long wavy black hair with tints of brown. Pale skin. Normally out or in low pigtails with bangs covering an eye. Red hair elastics and caramel coloured eyes. Wears a black collar dress with white dots. Silver ballet flats as shoes. Kuudere/Dandere.

Name: Liz
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: Fair skin, blue-green eyes, wavy brown hair with blue tips, blue T-shirt with a cute face, black leggings, purple flats, purple glasses, blue necklace

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Chapter 1

Like smoke, the grey ominous clouds hovered over the antique house. The dark sky was deadly. Quiet. Anxious. Fear was in the air. The windows creaked and shattered as the wind howled. Grotesque goosebumps climbed up Ed's arm. Spine-chilling shrieks sang in his head. "What should I do? Nobody should be around here at this time at night." Ed mumbled.
And he was right. What was he doing there in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night? His parents - his uncle.
Ed's parents worked full-time in the city. Ed's dad, worked in a pen factory where the workers pressed complicated and tangle-minded buttons. Where loud clanks and bangs and booms and the sound of metal whipping against metal against plastic. He was never home - just sometimes. Late at night, was really, the only time Ed could see his father. Ed then, had to be independent. He would go downstairs from his room everyday to flick some old buttons to wash the dishes and the clothes he used. Everyday, the next door neighbours would hear the whirring of the washing machine and the gargling of the pipes in the kitchen.
Ed was busy everyday. He never had the time to hang out with his friends, which resulted him not having any company at all. Preparing his own food was another critical task. The hauling of plastic shopping bags exhausted his energy. By the time he arrived home, he would drenched in sweat. Ed did not have much wealth either. How does he have the money to survive? This is when his rather odd uncle swooped in. His uncle was a wealthy chemical engineer with the name of Dr. Markus Soplaminlenadianohogi. Or just Mr Marks for short. Mr Marks donated a small loan of $250 a week. Not much use - you can't supply much, not much at all. Ed sometimes didn't get three meals a day and sometimes not enough water to keep himself hydrated to do his daily activities. Ed's life was a road of bumps and rocks. Though after all this, the situation never got better. The reason was his mother.
Just like his father, his mother worked in the city's factories. The factory she worked in was absolutely hectic. In fact it was so hectic, most workers got head aches every few minutes. This meant she could never get home to see Ed. She worked at a car factory, where they drilled on bolts and wheels and all sorts of metal. You couldn't walk to the factory, or take public transport. It would take a truck-load amount of time to get there by public transport or even walking. If Ed's mother were to go back and forth everyday to work and home, she would have to take a plane to the workplace. It was so far in the city from home. It was like traveling from Sydney to Melbourne or like Boston to Washington. This resulted of Ed's mother staying in a little hotel in a farm area and only coming home in the holidays.
Before this story turns into boredom, let me tell you why I wrote this story. Mr Marks, his uncle, lived near a swamp in the countryside. Even though Mr Marks was wealthy, he lived in wooden house. The paint of the house started to rip off the walls. The fencing were rotten snapped pieces of wood. The house was so harshly conditioned, it nearly look like the house was built in the 1800s. The lawn was a patch of dead grass and dry dirt.
The house had a lot of rooms; There were 84 rooms to be exact. Mr Marks' house was a massive wooden house in the middle of nowhere. Of course, these rooms where for his work and were filled with dust and tools.
Mr Marks was odd. He never spent his money for food from the supermarket or clothes from the shops or any vehicles. He spent hours and hours building machinery and new formulas everyday with the money he had. Mr Marks had never showed up on family dinners or on special family occasions. He tried to avoid socialising. Being secretive and closed kind of made the rest of the family forget who he really was. Well now, Ed had to live with his uncle. New things were discovered. Things were different now. Things could get worse. The journey of Ed's life continues and will forever.

Chapter 2

Ed and Mr Marks had organised to meet outside his house at one o'clock in the morning. Ed stepped closer and closer towards the door in dead silence. He could hear his blood pumping in his head. He could feel his heartbeat increasing speed. Fear covered his back with sweat.
"Nothing can possibly go wrong, keep walking, just keep walking." he said to himself.
He was right. Nothing could possibly go wrong. However something seemed odd. Ed had a feeling he hadn't had in days. A weird gut feeling. The feeling that something crazy was about to happen. Rustling of a nearby shrub shook in the air. A shadow arose from the shrub. The black shadow hovered behind Ed. He turned around panicking his heart to a rapid beat. Nothing. He swivelled back around to face the wooden house. Nothing. He looked up into the black sky. Nothing. He couldn't help it. This was too much. He saw the shadow once more in front of him.
"Hush, little boy..."
The voice echoed in his head. Ed couldn't help but to scream again. He screamed at the top of his lungs and stumbled and fell back onto the floor.
"Do not make a sound" the voice echoed again. "Come with me. Your uncle is not here - Ed"
Ed tried to calm down but couldn't. He ran and ran and ran into the distance. He didn't think, he just ran. His lungs were aching. They were aching like mad. One thing he didn't notice was that the shadow was following him. It was creeping up closer and closer until Ed stopped. He stopped suddenly. He though was safe, like being on dry lonely beach where the waves crashed up to feet level. There was hardly any light here. It was a dark feared place. Stories about deaths and mu.rder echoed in his mind. It was pitch black. Silence brought anxiety. He started panicking, panting and panting.
"Hello?" Ed shouted into the distance. "What do you want from me?"
A gust of wind blew and sang around him. He looked up into the sky. The moon was a full moon. It only made more worried though. He looked beside it. He gasped. This was not good. Not good at all. The sky was covered in more large grey ominous bulks of cloud. Thunder clapped. It made him shake. Rain started falling heavily and soon the whole area was a pool of mud. Ed had to get to shelter but he still had so many unanswered questions. He wanted to know who that shadow exactly was and what it trying to do.
"What do you want from me?" Ed cried.
Stumbling back, he didn't know what to do. Silent screams inside his ear widened his danger. Ed ran. Ed slipped. Ed gone.
Swift movements occurred. From the moment on, Ed would never be normal again.

Chapter 3

"From this moment, Ed would never be normal again."
Light fluttered. Where was he?His heartbeat raced. Colours flying at him. Feeling dizzy and unconscious,


Cool :slight_smile: I can't wait to read it.


Liza wouldn't approve of someone being killed in a story


But why am I saying that lol I'm literally watching Shane throw up the mcdonalds milkshake he made with literally everything in he menu in it


No one is killed , Hopscotchers suddenly start dissapering but it is their iPads / phones have hacked


The title says murder, dude.


Right !! I will go and change that !


Done !! All changed !!


I would leike to be a character!

Name : Jasmine Price
Age : 14
Gender : Female
Appearance : Short blonde hair parted from the middle, layered hairstyle, light green eyes, fair skin


There are heaps of games on Hopscotch where the player dies, or a message says "You Died"
So there's nothing wrong with a character in a game or story dying


Yeah I guess I am being a hypocrite
Where's the blue cursor


Ok !! You are a character !,




I've wrote 1 story(unfinished)
I'm really good at writing
(Is this on docs?(no docs))



You are all in !! Welcome !!

@FoodDelivery , I have probably written more stories as we are the o e of the best schools in the whole of the UK !!


Nice! How many have you written, infinite?


dang thats a lot


I don't know as I probably have written 23478945


I have written a lot so ,,,, !!