I am extremely worried


Hi, um, I'm worried......
Can someone help calm me down? I'm worried about something sort-of Hopscotch related!


What are you worried about?


What is it?

I cant help you if you dont say


I'm worried that:
I have lost my coding spark
A certain hop is mad at me


Why are you worried about Liza? I don't think she did anything. :)
I'm sorry you're worried. Is there anything I can do to help? :)


Yeah, tag dude73, please


No, I am worried about Liza because I'm afraid she's gonna be spammed with tags with complaints about public accounts and the new update. Like, guys, cut her some slack.


what? whats going on here?! Is something wrong? Did you get in trouble by Liza?




Hey, I Just got an invite. Thanks, Rubbery. :P

Do you need to rant? What can I do to help?


I invited Dudey, she's usually on around this time... do you mind telling me why you couldn't tag her yourself? :D
That's really kind of you to worry for Liza, maybe you could post what you like about the update? :D


:confused: uhh... I guess just wait for everyone to know that Liza really doesnt want to be spammed tags? Idk... try to calm down, and add some more wood to that fire of yours, i guess.


Oh, uh, did @Liza do something to you that hurt your feelings?

Whatever it is I'll be happy to help. Just tag me like this: @Caroline

And if you want to talk to Liza privately, just email her. Her email is: hello@gethopscotch.com


No, I'm worried ABOUT Liza lol


Just calm down @WitnessTheLitness.


Hai Dudey. :D

Tell me if you guys need anything, okay? I understand if you want to talk in private, though. :)


Umm... I'm not so sure what to do about that. I don't want you getting suspended, why don't you just ignore it?


And I don't know what to use hopscotch or understand it anymore. I need a full-out tutorial, because school and the forum has made me lose all my knowledge


The new update is kind of confusing to us all, it just takes getting used to. :smile:


ohh... quick refresh then.
coding blocks: drag em to use em
Moving blocks: these will rotate or move an object
yada yadaa...