I am experiencing issues


So I'm not sure if this is a bug, an issue overall, or just me failing at coding...

So whenever you enter a project, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to load you into the game itself, but it's loading me into the project. And then when I hit play something that I know is somewhat of a hopscotch side issue happens where my game doesn't work right. I think it would be resolved if it directly loaded me into the game, not the code. Is the loading into the project my problem or a Hopscotch problem?


What? Loading into the editor makes it less laggy.


You may notice I just realesed v. 1.5.0 of The Space Game, and if you were in newest at the EXACTLY right time you would've seen a testing project. In fact, in my game The Space Game, the stars and black holes don't move when I'm in my project.... I think this is a bug, but it works fine once published...


Having projects open in the editor instead of the player is a new "feature" that was introduced in one of the recent versions


Loading is acting unusual lately.

Many recently posted projects take a while to load, compared to projects that came out over 40 weeks ago.

When I tap a draft it does take a while to load.

The hopscotch team may be trying to 'clean' the app by not showing processes during a load.