I am doing spring cleaning!(hopsoctch)


Yep I am clearing out a bunch of my published stuff and my drafts!

I just figured I should let ya'll know becuase I may not be publishing often!

Bye from the fluffy bear


Hehehe I should really clean my drafts too! See ya!


Have fun spring cleaning! I just did that with my drafts a while ago!


Hehe have fun deleting my 783 useless drafts!


That's a lot! I have like, six! Good luck!


Hehe thanks!!

I really should get some help but how?


Idk, you probably don't want to give away your password so I don't think I can help.


Yeah I would give it to you and then switch my pass but I don't know you in real life so yeah!


Yeah.. I'm trustable but we can't email and ya we don't know eachother in real life


I also have to clear out my drafts, they're really clogging up the place. BTW, how do you delete published projects?


Go into the project hit the •••
And then unpublish project!


Ah! Thanks. I have a lot of projects I need to unpublish..


I know I have remixes!