I am doing something wrong with fast clone code, but I don't know what. (Solved; had to do with order of code)


I am making a shop using @valgo's fast cloning code. I will remake it in a different project in a second.


Link to second project:



Please use the POMTL please :wink: Thanks

The code looks pretty awesome!

(Hehe, I see that Minecraft YouTube video in the bottom corner XD)


What is supposed to happen with your code?


Only the original object should do the code.


What code do you mean? The Buy block, Bring to Front or the when Play is tapped?


In the check if else. In buy.


The code in the draft is different now lol


I have no idea what this is but I can say one thing, it is often easy to find the specific order you have to place operations in so try some different ordering.


This code should work.


@Petrichor The code above results in 2 objects having an ID of 0. The original object (by default) & the first clone.

Consider the order of the 2 When Object is Cloned events. The one with Set is before the one with Increase. So the the 1st clone is set to 0 and then the ID is Increased to 1. See? Switch the order.


Yes, I see. When you aid the first object and first clone noticed that. Then I saw you confirming that. Thanks!


Well, I don't know what you are trying to do but this is the fast clone method I use:

I think it was originally made by Valgo but I will have to check.


The one I have is Valgo's. And is also less compe,x than that.


Yes, do think it is faster? Without out the set max clones to 502 block though. I don't know why I put that there XD


I just realized something, infinite clones? Maybe, was t could just be the variables going crazy though. I changed the Set Max Clones Block from 501 to 100000.... and I got a ton of clones and lag XD.


IT was only just over 4000


This project seems cool, I will check it out tomorrow when I will be on my iPad.