I am doing model requests!



Hi! I am doing model requests! If you want one, please fill out basic information.


Hi! I would love a model!
User names: Dude73 (on hopscotch and forum)
Hair color: brown
Skin color: peach
Shirt type: short sleeved t shirt (green
Bang type: also brown
Gender: girl
Extras: smiling



You did me :+1::smile:


That is amazing! :0
I am in shock...


I know! @Pingu, i am in total agreement with u. DAT TING IS AAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAZZZZZIIIIINNNNGGGGG.:scream:


Thanks! It took so long!


What is your HS username?


Thanks for liking my projects and following me on hopscother Pingu! Dude73, I will do yours ASAP.


My hopscotch username is So B it 4 now.


Hi dude, how long is your hair? And what color is your eyes?


REALLY long hair, and green eyes. Thank you! Your models look awesome! :grinning:




I love it! Thank you so much! :smile:


Your welcome! You are so nice!


I love your Make Your Own OC project! It deserves a feature!


Thx @SmilingSnowflakes! It means so much when you liked this topic!