I am blocking this website


I am blocking this website because will need to contrencate on me Homework and school. Whenever I i will try to get on here it will redirect me to Google Classroom so I can get me homework done.



that's good that you want to do homework but I will miss you.:cold_sweat:


Do you think we can do docs since your not a HSer anymore?


I know. I might still come back on the weekends, but I still have homework to do on the weekends still.




We can do docs @Huggingfluffybear


thats a good idea but just try to use self control

noooo i have 2 days until school starts ;n;

this was such a short summer


Let's ask the mod's if we're allowed I mean if your not gonna be a HSer anymore.


dont u dare


Why not?

If he's not going to be a HSer.


just because hes not going to be a hopscotcher doesnt mean you get the privledge

do you know him irl? do you?


We already have the emails.


Awww ok ;-; how do you even block A website


We are really close friends.


Chrome extensions.


No, but like this no comunication outside of the forum is for HS if he's not on HS then it makes no sence.


Okay. I get why you'd do that. I'll miss you so much!!!


Docs is strictly prohibited. That's contact outside of the fourm. I know that your not going on but @Huggingfluffybear might get suspended or even banned!


But er if he's not a hop then.


You can get banned for that though. Unless you leave too