I am being active


I am being way more active on hopscotch than I used to like I have posted a treasure hunting game with two players and you really can't use the power ups and all that stuff


Can you give a link to your game?


Honstly I really don't know how


1.you go to your project (it has to be uploaded) 2. Click the chain. 3. Paste the link here.


I did it


I like the game! P.S what does the :turtle:/🦄 On the controller mean?


They are power ups LOL


But you win instantly :sweat_smile:


Well... there not really power ups their acutely power downs :smiling_imp:


I don't get what you are saying...


When if you press the power up the other player will win instantly right the game is just for fun anyway but as power downs it gives the other player a chance but than if you press the power up that wasn't pressed yet🤔... I
don't get what my game is sorry


Nice! When will it come out?