I am back (with a collaboration)



Hello everyone!
I am back on the forum.! Get ready for a very energetic person.

Anything new? If so please let me know.

My new collaboration!!

I came back with a new collaboration for the best games you will be able to find on hopscotch! There are 2 games to work on
1. Your life 2016 edition
2. Coloring world
I have already started both games but I have a deadline to finish them! I gave myself a lot of time but I am afraid I will not be finished by that time, because they are huge games. So I really need help!



Guys? Does anyone want to help


Do people notice me?


Can I help with Coloring World?


@tankt2016 of course you join https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xtc3kj4n1


I'll help too! This sound ps interesting!


Awesome! You guys can get to work right away!


Link please? That would be really helpful!


Which one are you doing?


So is coloring world like a cool little draw pad? And what is your life 2016? I just want a little more info •~•