I AM BACK w/ Coding story?


I am back, I will tell you my parts of HS story if you want a part done ask me! (has to be coding related)


yeah no one cares about me anymore lol


no one wants to hear story rip


I’ll listen :slight_smile:


which part of story?


How about the beginning?


I started in March with my iPhone. Yes, I had no account. Then I got my iPad, and I used that. My first project was Swirly Fun 1.0.


I got my ipad on april btw


Hi @XDer21 I have never heard of you


Welcome back Elle @XDer21!!


Can I hear your story? I like hearing hopscotch stories


Hello! I have not heard of you before, welcome to the forum!


i joined a long time ago, and i have no fame


Uhhhh what? I saw you in my forum comments before!


ogm bes jok evr temmie out of temmie


You pick chapter. I read as it was in my experience (sorry I cant spell experience withput copy and paste I’m Hawaiian)


actually you tagged me about deleting general topics


for proof that I’m Hawaiian: ʻoiaʻiʻo


Sorry, I thought that you were new! I remember you now!


its ok :wink:: )))))))))))