I am Back! (This is Stick88)


Hello! This is Stick88 and I am back! I have a few questions,

1) Is there still RPs? I still are against them...

2) Who are the new leaders?

3) Anyone leave when I was gone?

(I will say more tomorrow but I have to go to bed soon :\


Any questions? Too late?


Yes, there are still RPs. :P Welcome back!


Hai!! I'm so glad ur back!! :D

1) yeah, but not as much really :D
2) @Gilbert189, @SmilingSnowflakes, @Intellection74, and @Mathgirl, and @PopTart0219 became mod! :D
3) MagmaPOP and loads of others D:


Darn, oh well, Hello!


:0 A lot of people became mod!



Only Poptart, all the others were leaders :D


That makes so much more sense :D


Anyone like my GIF?


Mai answers here!:wink:


I leike it!


Some of the people who left include:

MagmaPOP (as rain boom said) around the beginning of summer

Giraffedolphin26 left in early August

OrangeScent1, LotsaPizza, PopTart0219 and Anonymous left together abt a week ago, but Poppy and Anon have come back a little bit

OS, LP, PT and AN's leaving triggered a lot of others to leave as well, I considered taking a break, bc there was some flame, I even posted some stuff abt it, but I've since changed my mind (for the most part, I still would like to cut down on my HS/F usage a lil bit) some others talked abt leaving as well

Some of the people who left after OS,LP,PT+AN did (they didn't all leave because of them, but they left at similar times)
- MobCraft
- Over_powered_wizard1
- TheGreenBanana
- some others too, those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head

friendship2468 (she was suspended actually :((((( )

And seawolfwerehorse came back for a little bit, idk if she's gone for good this time or not tho

And XiaoMiaoMi came back a day or two ago

There are definitely other ones I can't remember atm

Feel free to add but please say when they left and don't edit what I've already put thanks ;D


Welcome back :D


Welcome back! I missed you!

RPs are still around, I don't see them as frequently though. :smile:
SmilingSnowflakes, Intellection74, Gilbert189, and Mathgirl! PopTart also became a mod! :smile:

Yeah, I think Mobcraft might be leaving, PopTart is going to be way less active, Anon left, MagmaPOP left, and a few others. ;-;


All of those are leaders, but only @PopTart0219 is a mod.


Welcome back! There's also a new member of THT: @Montoya


Welcome back! :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome back!


How did you make it? ITS AWESOME


Something I think @OrangeScent1 shared, you can make GIFs on This app Animator - video and gif animation maker by Photo and Video Creative Labs, Inc.