I am back on the forum



I am back on the forum I was logged of and I couldn't remember my password this is mainly for @WinningMonkey . Just letting everyone know that I am back on the forum.



I missed seeing you in the forum!



@Over_powered_wizard6 if you want @WinningMonkey to know that you're back, just put an "@" before their name like I did. :wink:


We're so happy your back! I missed seeing you around :D


Welcome back! :slight_smile:
There are a lot of updates in the forum, like a new scroll bar when you view posts.


I know it's cool


Belated welcome back!!


Yay! @Over_powered_wizard6, welcome back! :D


Yay!!!! @Over_powered_wizard6 @Over_powered_wizard1 is back !!!!!! :gift::gift::balloon::balloon::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball: