I am Back! (From break)



I checked back on the Forum today and saw @BlackDawn's Hopscotch AppStore reviews and they really cracked me up! http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/hopscotch-appstore-reviews/10397?u=destined_taco1
I'm coming back from my forum break! The last few days have been relaxing and... Interesting.

what happened the last few days

Ok, so yesterday was the day before spring break, I was at school, and there was 40 minutes left before I board my bus. We were just putting all our desks away in the gym, and..... The fire alarm rang! At first I thought it was a drill, but my teacher told us it wasn't a drill. So I'm freaking out with my friends and the Ambulance, Police, and Firefighters came! 30 minutes of standing outside. Yep. Fortunately the Fire alarm was a false alarm! Great way to start off spring break!

I'm glad the forum has cleared up :)
Time to start liking!


Some person pulled my alarm for a prank... Worst one and a half hours ever...


Most of the time the fire alarm goes off because the cafeteria is cooking... Lol...