I am Back for Good!


Hello. Have anyone missed me? I came back to check and I forgot about this! I am sorry i have been so busy. But I hope you all can understand!


Hello, I’m not sure we’ve met.


I don’t think we’ve met, but I’m glad you’re here t


ohh, i remember you

nice to have you back!


Welcome back


Thanks for everyone’s support!


I think I know who you are. Not sure if we’ve ever met though.


I am not sure we have met, as I am a relatively new user!
However, thanks for coming back, and I hope we can become good friends soon!


Wait I thought you were a second or third account though?


Nope. This is my only account!


Talking to Swati


Yet another Forumer that not many people remember or knows comes back, giving a similar excuse. Fishy.


It could have been an email thing.

Like the forum sent an email at the same time


So basically what happened was I had an hs account and forum account in 2016. But then school and stuff started to get busy, and I soon dropped out of both. Since then, I rejoined in October 2017 and have been on since.

From 2016 to 2017 I have not been really in touch with the forum, so it makes sense that I have not met any forumers who have joined or became popular in that time period!
I totally forgot my old forum account username!!



I thought you were that one person who said “I’m getting a new secret account” or so they