I am back and I am going to stay!


I have thought long about this and I am going to continue next year might be a little hard but for all of you who support me and make me smile this is for you! So now that I start I need to catch up so please keep me up to date on my general topic that I am about to make also my birthday was a little while ago so happy birthday to me. How are you all doing and what new topics should I make or join. Just remember if I leave for a little next time I will tell you so yeah! I am back for sure!


That sounds great! I'm not sure if I know you at all, but a lot of ppl are making topics that are sad, and complainy, and angry. Nobody makes happy topics like this anymore! So, glad you're staying


That makes me sad to know people are not bringing gratitude to the forum anymore, I am gonna make a topic about that to try to make it better.


I'm so glad!
And very surprised you haven't noticed


This is my first time coming on the form in awhile so...


Yeah, I realized.
quickly skims activity
Well, glad you're talking to me!
Would you like a meme?


Hello. I like coffee cake.


Aren't you hungry?? I want.....https://s.thestreet.com/files/tsc/v2008/photos/all-pics/food/Chemicals2-1105.jpg