I am adopted.... Story!


I know this is not HS related but I can't help myself and I need to tell someone!

So today my parents took me to Texas Roadhouse and we were getting the food the BOOM my parent said, "Caroline. This is hard to say but....... you're adopted. I froze. I didn't know what to say. I went to the bathroom and my mom came in and comforted me. I felt sad. Now I want to know my actual parents. I fe l sad and might not be active. I might leave I don't know but I need to think about my life right now. So yeah

I'm back from my holiday, Meryy Xmas and a few tags!

I'm not adopted so I don't know how this feels... you must be in a very bad state of mood right now. Some very successful people were adopted though, and Jacob Sartorius was adopted and he is luckier than he would have been with his birth parents. I'm not saying that birth parents are bad, but you love the parents you have now more than anything and they will protect you will all their body and life.


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It's best to talk to IRL close friends and family members about this issue though.


You will be ok.... Im not adopted so I dont exactly know how it feels .-.

But your life will still be the same, you will still grow up, be... you.
You are currently reading this from some random person on the internet, its best to talk to your parents.


I'm sorry. That was probably a hard thing to digest. I don't know how feel right now, but I do know that if you ever need someone to cheer you up I'll be right here. I hope you feel better soon, @Sweetlina!


Why were you adopted?


I don't think you should ever need to wonder who your real parents are or ever feel sad that you're adopted. Family isn't about blood, but about who you love. Your parents, the ones you call mom and dad, loved you so much that they adopted you and raised you. But you should also never hate your biological parents. Nobody would ever want to give their child up. Maybe they were in a financial crisis, incapable of raising a child, or maybe they were teen moms and too young to raise a kid. You never know. Just know that the people who have been taking care of you for your lifetime probably had a really hard time telling you this and you shouldn't ever tell them that they don't love you because they aren't your biological parents, because that would probably really break their hearts.

@CheckyWecky because someone looked at this child and decided they wanted to raise and love them forever.


I'm really sorry you're going through this, @Sweetlina. That sounds really tough. If you ever want to talk, I'm here. :)

@CheckyWecky, I know you mean well but it might not be very nice to Sweetlina if you ask her questions. She'll tell us if she wants to. :)


That must be really hard. But I'm sure the really kind people who adopted you must know your a great person and artist and a very kind person. I know this must be really really hard to get/digest and I respect your discison on taking a break but I'll really miss you ;n; you've been a great person and friend for the days I've been on the fourm(not to much XD) and again I'll really miss you ;;;n;;


Being adopted isn't very different than being with your birth family they still love you no matter if you're adopted or not. Just try to be happy... It might be hard and I'm very sorry that you have to go through this. If you need friends I can be your friend. (If you want) If you leave I will miss you. :c

Look at happy monster images, it might make you feel a bit better :3



my mom was adopted, also my aunt

she also used to have cancer but she's free of it


I'm sorry, I know it must be hard. If you ever need help or someone to cheer you up, I'm right here. Know that your family loves you, as well as your biological parents. If you want to know answers, just ask and get it over with so you don't have to wander as much. I know it's hard, but keep staying strong :)

I know exactly how you feel. It's so hard at first, but it always goes up from there.


@Sweetlina, there is no much to worry! :D
We can't change our permanent fate, what we can to is to either face it or accept it.
Your adoptive parents chose to adopt you, chose to love you and to raise you. Even they are not your parents by blood, they still are your family.
The man and woman who adopted you are actually more related to you then your actual parents, not by blood, though.
And they were very courageous to tell you the truth.


Oh, this must be very hard. I'm not adopted so I don't know how it feels like. I hope you feel better.


Just treat your adopted parents like your parents.

Think about it this way:
Your parents chose you.
Specifically you.
Not anyone else but you.

Idk how it feels but I really want you to be okay.


It's okay. I'm so sorry you're upset. It doesn't mean that your parents love you any less.

Being adopted is special. It means that your parents chose you out of all the rest.

I know a kid in my class who's adopted, and that doesn't make him any different from if he had stayed with his birth parents.


Woah. That's crazy. I'm sorry


I don't know how I feal for you.

I understand it's sad you don't have real parents, I mean but treat them like they are

Something happened yesterday...

Yet the other way around...
I told my mom something

It's good that you know now

That's how my parents and sisters probaly feal about me right now

Be safe and still have fun in life!


That's the most beautiful thing ever


:sob: Sheer poetry


Im soo sorry. That would come as a hard blow to me too. It would to all of us