I am a backup of Zachyswag


Hi forum. I am a backup of @Zachyswag. My old backup was @zachyswagbackup, but I like this better.

Have a good life!


Thank you very much to let us know!


It's pretty obvious with my username though! xD

And my profile pic!


Hello backup of zachyswag!:grinning:

Here's a question I've been wondering and please don't get offended, what's the purpose of a backup account?:thinking:


Idk even if I have one. Maybe incase there're problems with your normal account...?

(Lol @KVJ_Backup)


I have a backup account. Forgot to rename it.


Congrats on featured!!


Lol Zach

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I wrote da whole thing backwards and the litters backwards. :sweat_smile: