I Already Am Not The Biggest Fan Of The Most a Recent Update


Ok! If it makes people feel this way, I'll stop posting it. I'm sorry about that! :wink:


@TheGreenBanana thanks, it just really wasn't helping, especially because you were trying to call our decisions "Childish" which could hurt some feelings. It kinda hurt mine...


I am sorry. I hope everyone can adapt to the update though. I feel sad when people quit because of something like this.


I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE, Plus THT works so hard for all these updates so stop with the negative comments please!!


@TitanBoy how.......many times.........do I.......,have........to.....,SAY IT...?


It's fine. It's not a big deal.


I know that they worked hard on it. But that wasn't a big negative comment


Reads topic.

Guys, remember, be respectful and friendly while stating your opinions, and CHILL!1!!1!!!!1!1!1!


childish voice
Nnnnno. X(D


Same, I also agree @TheGreenBanana though.


Omg why do I keep have to show people this

Jul 12
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Jul 12
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TA DA: It's back!

That's right! We heard you guys loud and clear, and just released an update that lets you code in landscape and portrait on the iPad. YAY!

It's super important to that Hopscotch is easy to use, and it was clear that portrait only wasn't helping most people. It's also important to learn quickly, and we're grateful for you quick feedback so that we could improve.

Get the latest version (with landscape!) here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hopscotch-make-games!-learn/id617098629?mt=823.

Let us know what you think! If you like it, leave a review to help encourage other people to make cool stuff on Hopscotch like you do :slight_smile:

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Ehem, I made this topic before that, so, please be careful on what things you get annoyed by. When I made this topic, I COULDN'T be in landscape mode.