I Already Am Not The Biggest Fan Of The Most a Recent Update


I know that the most recent update is amazing, but RIGHT when I joined, I realized that for now on, you can only go in landscape mode when you're in a project.
I HATE having to be in portrait mode to do things.
I HATE that I'll have to bother to rotate my iPad, just to enter a project and get the new view.

Not even rotating using Assistive Touch works. (Look it up)

And I don't care what hate I receive for this because guess what, I'm that kind of person who cares.
No matter how much hate I receive for this, I will keep this opinion with me because it's MY OPINION.


I get it.

I have been on hopscotch since December of 2014 and wow.

I loved the old way, but honestly.

I can't code.


I just went further.
THT, What Have You Done?!?


I love the update! I think I am one of the only ones though


I like it too!
So does @EnchantedAnimallover! (I think xD)


Me too! @GoatLord and @Kawaii_Lover!

Yeah, a lot of people don't like the update! You can always talk to THT about it just express your opinions as constructive criticism because they want everyone to like the update :) even if it takes a while :D


Well guess what.
I don't. I won't.
The soul of hopscotch that I always loved is gone.
The slim format, the ability to be in landscape mode.



It is so cool! I love the new blocks!


Same! :0
I love the layout and it's much cleaner XD

I like the colors better, and I love holding my iPad portrait, but it would be nice if you could to both :D


Nope. It is great. It's got some downsides, but overall, the ratio is good to bad 5:2


This is Hopscotch, whether we like the update or not. It's something to get used to, because it's not going to change. Quitting is a childish, immature thing to do. There are plenty of good stuff in the update, and people are focusing on the bad stuff, half of which is not necessarily bad. The update will take some getting used to, but isn't that the case in any other update. DO NOT QUIT. The Hopscotch Team worked really hard on this for you, and this is how you treat them? I'm sorry if I sound rude. (There are too many update topics, btw!)


Calm down, take a deep breath, it'll be okay. :slight_smile:


Let's take a few deep breaths and calm down.

Breathe in marshmallows and ice cream, breathe out broccoli and rotten tomatoes. :D

Remember to try to be polite when voicing your opinion! It's ok though. Just chill a little, calm down. :smile:


I am sorry. Thanks, @Gilbert189 @codingCupcake123


It's harder than you think to calm down.
Well thank god I went to that therapist....(yes I had to go to a therapist for my anger, please no judge I really needed it....)


It's not good to excersize my anger by making me angry. (No wonder I'm not a leader)

I may be a sweet, playful, loveable girl, but inside I'm a steaming monster that can't control herself.


May you please stop posting that?

It's kind of rude I never said I was going to quit.


I just said I couldn't code in the new format, not that I was quitting.


I don't like it too! I have the same problem! It's also now hard to code.


@explorer_ btw, it's "either", not "too" because
1. You said "don't"
2. You weren't the second person saying that, meaning it's weird to say it if you're the third person to say that.

Sorry, small things annoy me...

Anyway GBOT