I accidentally deleted one of my drafts😫


Does anyone know a way I can get it back? I already sent an email to the hopscothch team.


Just wait for a reply.


I don't think that there is a way to get it back, sorry. DD:


Acutially there is e-mail the hopscotch team with your draft name and they can pull it out for u but u have to wait until Monday cause they take breaks on weekends


Oh. Cool. I did not know that




Wait, they don't work at all on weekends?


Yeah. They work all week and then take a break on weekends



Email them and they will say that at one point!


Thanks for all the help everyone​:smile:


Just like with most jobs :stuck_out_tongue:


You should email THT. They save the database regularly so they should be able to find yours! :smiley:


Yah they do they need to take a brake right or they will be dead 'cause of tiredness


I know they take a break. I was surprised that they can restore drafts.


Yeah they can !


I didn't know that xD
I'll remember to ask if I delete an important draft.


I just copied my draft before I changed it . Lol it was useless if I was changing it anyway.