Hurricane Matthew


Hey yo

I wasn't on today becuase power was out because of hurricane Mathew.

It's horrible, of course not as bad as down in Florida but if I am not on for a whole day think power is out xD



You guys can live without hopscotch


It's not only hopscotch, its life threatening.


Stay safe!

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I think it passed

I looked over my moms shoulder when she was on her phone so many posts about "We have a generator so if you want a nice cup of coffe, wifi, TV let us know


I didn't think of HS she the power was out and stuff


I was out of power for a day, too. As in 24 hours. It actually stopped raining and there was a small breeze and some massive tree struck two power lines on its way to the ground.


I hope you stay safe!


Stay safe and be calm guys!:grin: