Hunting The Wild


Hey guys I'm making a first person deer and moose hunting game this is a collab but remember your account info use the notes if your password is forgotten use forgot password when signing in here's the collab account
Password is : secret


You may get hacked if you share the password, and you can lose progress if it fails to sync :unamused:


Uhm, just saying... there can be lots of hackers and they could come into your account, and intentionally get you reported. Anyways, this is a creative and a great idea! I'm sure it will turn out amazing;)


You can do a remix collab :wink:


No this is a collab account not my real account


Thanks I need support from people like you thanks


The collab account might get hacked and your progress deleted


Nah I think account way is easier than I won't have to upload


Meh I can get on my other account and remake


Well it's ok I will pick certain people like @PopTart0219 @AHappyCoder @Kiwicute2016 @MagmaPOP @RenegadeBird1 @SmileyAlyssa @Rawrbear @SmilingSnowflakes and @Follow4LikesOfficial will you guys join this collab


Sorry I am a lot of collabs right now, and I don't want the drafts I have worked on to get deleted :pensive:


Why will they get deleted


People find people who post passwords like this and delete projects that took a lot of hard work. Sorry, but doing that is a bad idea.


Because someone on the forum might see the password, log in and click delete on your drafts :wink:


Umm ok I'm gonna email it? Wait or umm just do drafts


@CreativeCoder your invited it's not an account ok


The safest way to do collabs is to trade off drafts. But it's your choice...


Yup it's drafts wanna join it now


@CreativeCoder can you just trade drafts or do you have to publish


You have to publish and save them as drafts. I'm busy right now, sorry. I'm sure it'll turn out great.