Hunt for bugs in this new beta


We have a new beta with some awesome features that we’d love your help testing!

:bug: Duplicating drafts!
Want to try something potentially crazy but don’t want to risk breaking your whole project? Fear not. Now you can duplicate the project and experiment away. Test duplicating drafts and help us make sure it works well.

To duplicate a draft, press and hold on the draft, then tap on the duplicate button (it looks like two overlapping squares).

:bug: New search bar!
Search and channels are now combined in one place. Test this and help us make sure it works well.

Just tap on the channels button in the top left corner of the community to find it.

:bug: Skills (Still in development)
Early look: Many of you have suggested, over the years, that you wish there had been more resources to help you get started. Here they come!

This update introduces a new feature that, over time, will teach new Hopscotchers a) how to use Hopscotch and b) how to code. We are still developing the tutorials that will be included in the update, though, so we’ll get back to you with specific questions on this next week.

Download the beta with this link:

** Don’t forget that you have to trust Hopscotch: on your device to go Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Trust Hopscotch). **

Thanks again for all your help and we’re excited to hear what you think.

— Liza and the Hopscotch team

#HHC2016 confirmed?

Yay first!!!!!!!!!


I just got the email :D


I think I'll test it :slight_smile:


It doesn't work.

Do you think it's because of my device?


"Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid." It won't open for me.

@SmilingMoons, does this happen to you?

#7's working for me...
We can't test it anyways, our school blocked enterprise apps.


Cool! I love the tutorials! When will the update come out?



It is not working for me

Wait never mind I have a school IPad


Wow. I absolutely love the new update!

I think the tutorials will be super helpful to get new hope (Auto correct >:( ) hops started on here! I think that that is just so cool!

I also like how you put the sections & search together. The layout looks cool, and it is easier to find things now that they are right there together!


I love the beta! I really like the new skills feature. I think you could have categories, like "basics", "movement blocks", "look & sound blocks" etc. Each category would have around 8-10 skills in it. You could do all kinds of things like "how to make a point towards ability", or "how to make a rainbow circle". Those types of skills will not only teach the hopscotcher how to do those specific things, but also how things like math and values work in hopscotch.


Cool! Going to download it right now :smiley:


What iOS version do you have? You can see by going into the Settings app, then General > About and scrolling down to "Version".


In the beta the loading screens now look like this, where the text is quite low down. Is this intentional?


Sounds wondertastic! I'll download it and start testing right away! :smile:


Cool!! I'm gonna download!


Out school blocked downloading enterprise apps. :frowning:


I have the beta app, but its not updated AT ALL. You know those old days where we coded in landscape? So many tutorials? Yep. Thats what my beta looks like.


Wow @Liza! I love the new Skills thingy!!

And the Search thing looks cool!


Delete and reinstall it using the link at the top of this thread :slight_smile: