Hunger Games RP!


I know this is off topic but I am soo bored!! Plz don't report as I might make it into a hopscotch project as well!!
Welcome to the hunger games rp! This is basically what happens with the kids (like at the end of book 3, the

last book but their teenagers)

If you want to sign up just fill in this form:

Name (of character):
Daughter/son of:

If you want to be a main character, you don't need a form, you just need to ask!

Main characters:

Rose (daughter of Katniss and Peeta) - played by @charlotte10034

Crush of Rose (fill in form but in crush just put Rose)- by the way its kind of like Gale and Katniss (they spend ages in the woods and realise they love each other) - played by

Katniss - played by

Peeta - played by

Gale - played by

Rose's brother (fill in form) - played by

Other kids: