Hunger games project?


I just read the first book and I want to make a hunger game project.

Any ideas?


Wow this is a great idea!! I love the hunger games book! Well you could have a hunger games simulator that is like the actual hunger games. Like you have to get supplies and try to survive. Expect you would have to find a way to do it without the killing part..


You could also do a hunger games training.. like shooting a bow and arrow or making a fire.


Omg I love hunger games my family watched Mockingjay Part Two last night!


I loooovvveee the hunger games!

Great idea!


I like Madi's idea of the Hunger Games Training!


Good idea! Maybe ou have to impress the game makers or something?


Ohh that's a great idea! You know when they got a score from the judges? Like 1-12 (Maybe that was just in the movie? I can't remember) That's what it could be :smiley:


Yah! I'm planning on making a bow and arrow game, where you are katniss and have to shoot accurately to get a good score. I'll probably procrastinate on it though.


The hunger games is amazing! The ideas above are so cool!
Some other ideas are:
Find Peeta
Blow up the supplies
Avoid the fireballs
Tree climbing simulator
Bow shooting simulator
Choose the right Berry


Omg, those are all amazing ideas! I didn't even think of those. I might make some of those soon!


Are you making the game look 3D from a first person view?
Or as a 2D platform/scroller game?

Instead of Kylling you could make the game a race to get supplies or get past obstacles.
Like have the player and cpu players running from the monster dogs or fires in the forest.


I'm not sure how I'm making the games! I made a very simple one but I'm working on a find Peeta game. lol I'll probably procrastinate on it though.


I haven't watched the Hunger Games or Harry Potter. I know what you are thinking.