Hunger games club!


Anyone can join, you don't need to ask. Edit yourself in the list on the post below!

Here we will discuss the hunger games, make hunger games projects, and occasionally do hunger games challenges! All challenges will be optional though!

If you are going to say a huge spoiler about the book, just say "spoiler alert" or something!

Make sure to keep this related!

Edit yourself in below on the next post!


Edit yourself here:

@Dude73 - I'm a total hunger games nerd lol


I would join, but I need to read all the books first. I'll join later. Great idea though!


I've only read the first and half of the second book! You can still join even if you haven't finished them! (If you want)



I haven't even read the first book though, so I'll have to join later. Sorry!


How is this related to hs??
If it is then someone tell me??!!!


I've been wanting to make a 3D Hunger Games game for a while.
If you would like me to join then add my name to the member list

I've never read the books.
I've only seen the first movie.


You could also use the spoiler thing

but it is always quite tempting to look at​:joy:


@Paige1212 it's HS related :wink:


That sounds cool! Unfortunately, I can't join at this time!