Huhhhhhh challenge with the OMTL


please read before complaining
Yes I know there already is a huh challenge. Except not everyone who wanted a huh was getting a huh

what to do
With my version, u quote the OMTL on my post And u have and write a huh about EVERY person on there. If u don't know them then at least try or just say, " __ is a great coder huhhhhhh"

What is the real huh challenge?
The "huh challenge" involves filming yourself roasting your friend about something they wear, something they do, and anything else and ending with a high-pitched "huh." Except ours will be nice huhs. Funny though

I'm not gonna say" be super nice in all ur huhs. "Because I know u have a couple of close friends on here that u can joke around with. So if u would like then u can make a huh about them and it can be funny not super serious and nice. If u aren't on the OMTL, then just comment, "can someone do a huh for me" and someone will. If u really feel like u can't make a huh for someone then don't. Please make sure u quote the OMTL on my post so they aren't tagged multiple times.

There are prizes which I will update when needed

Best overall huh:
Funniest huh:

OMTL for huh challenge:


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Can someone do a huh for me


I need to get the OMTL first. My phone is glitchijg and won't let me paste


I'll do it for you if you want



Please edit it into the original post (wiki edit)


Please edit it in on the bottom where I have a space for it


Okay lemme find it and mum is here uuu


Awesome challenge! Wait, how many people are on the OMTL?



A lot i think


I added the list in :)


Thank you @Candycane

My phone was glitching. It's weird


What even are the huhs?


Look them up if u don't know


Done, finally! XD


Haha very good job!


May do this later! :smiley:


Thicks for calling me nice! XD


You're welcome! :D


If I search up "huhhh" challenge, bad words in videos come up ;-;

pls explain :D


Hi anyone here they changed the Hopscotch forum