Huh! Does Repeat forever have a limit?



Look at this. The leave a trail for my 3D background experiment is in repeat forever. This is weird!


I know whats happend here
Your charecter is at the end of the screen therefore it cannot move any further.


To answer your topic title: I think that the Repeat Forever block would always repeat forever! But if you put any blocks underneath the block, it won't happen.


Yes, I agree with @Berrymelon it's probably since you put a repeat forever block inside a repeat forever block, so you might need to use 1 instead of 2


Tried that. It wouldn't keep going.


Try my idea i think thats whats wrong


Yeah good input everyone :smiley:

I think, like what @GoGoGames1 said, that it's stuck at the edge of the screen. To fix that, try replacing each of the Move forward 1 blocks with this:

*Sorry that the block looks strange — I had to make it so that it would fit. The block wouldn't fit on one screen on the normal coding panel.

What it does is still moves forward by 1 - which is the same as adding 1 to its current x position. And its y position stays the same at "height ÷ 2"

Try that out and let me know how it goes.