Huggingfluffybear Q and A ask now!


You heard it I am doing a Q and A

So ask away I will try to awnser in the first 2 hours I get it but unless it's night!

Bye from the fluffy bear


Why did you start Hopscotch? How did you find it? What inspired you to choose your username?


Well I was into scratch and then my dad said "So Quinn I found a really cool coding app wanna' try it out?" I tried it and that app was hopscocth! When I got it on my iPad a couple months later I thought it was lame but now look at me I made it so far and love it! And my name I saw the bear Avatar and it just flew in my head


and that's pretty much it!


I am guessing @tankt2016 is reading this!


And that as well!!!!


What is your favorite food?


What's Your Fav Movie?



And fried chicken!


Hmm I don't know I know I am a boy but I likede princess move Tangled!


What's your favorite song?

Which song is better? "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift, or "Ghost Town - KREAM Remix" by Adam Lambert?


I have no idea but my fave song is probably moves like Jagger by Maroon five!


I'm not expecting you to know the song "Ghost Town - KREAM remix" But do you really not know what the song Blank Space is? :scream:


I heard the name but no I do not know it!


What is your favourite thing ever you have ever made on hopscotch


Oh that's hard here is one of them!


Here is another!!