I started Hopscotch A LONG time ago, and I'm just curious: What Was My First Project?
I've been on Hopscotch for two years already, and publishing about seven projects per day. If anybody is willing to scroll through all those projects to find my projects, please do!
If you do get to the bottom, do the following:
-Take A Screenshot
-Post on here!
You will receive the following:
-a follow
-one hundred likes (unless you have less than 100 projects)
-a shoutout
-a website
-a logo
-150 plays
-a drawing
-a story
-coding art
(All your choice)
To receive the jackpot prize, scroll to the very bottom of my profile, find my first project, take a screen shot, post it here, and be prepared for the jackpot!
Only the first 3 people who post their screenshot picture will receive this huge prize!
Good Luck and be prepared to scroll for the whole day!


You don't post 7 projects a day, or else I wouldn't have found it so quickly.

I don't need any of your rewards, by the way. I just want you to look at my profile for at least a second.


If you dont need it, you should let others try to do it who want the reward. It kind of just spoils it.


Added a bit to my post that says what I want.


That's not my first project!


It actually is



It crashed my iPad looking for it


Only give the rewards To both Stamp's fans and THE ORDER OF THE STONE, and IF YOU LIKE THE PROJECTS RATHER THAN EVERYONE OF THEM...


That is really strange!! How long did it take you to scroll there?


5 mins or less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:noooooooo I scrolled to the bottom and was about to take a picture and then hopscotch crashed noooooooo!!!!!!:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


About 3 mins or less.


Wow! My first project had Dino growing, cupcake drawing a line, and mr. Mustache spinning! I'll still give prizes to top 3 though (besides SyvdsANDREGULUS) sorry if I spelled ur name wrong :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


A couple minutes but I don't have proof to show you :frowning:


So far the winners are-

Super sorry, @DragonDog! I believe you, it's just that other people might say you cheated.


Ok I went all the way back down again to get a picture of it and here it is

And also the link to the project


Thanks for believing me it was true but I understand that people would think I cheated but I did go back down again to get a picture of it


The Winners Are-
@DancingLollipop - she will receive all prizes first
@Stampys_fans - he (she) will receive all prizes second
@DragonDog - she (he) will receive all prizes last

Congrats! But I swear, I made way more projects before that one!


@snoopy mabye there is a scroll limit?