Huge collab! Please help! I need some people who can do 3D with fancy text and sin / cos

Ok so I gotta do some explaining here so make sure to read all of this.

So at WDW there are 12 Bombardier Mark VI (6) monorails.
At Disneyland there are idk how many Bombardeir Mark 8 (it has the Roman numirals but idk what the 8 is) monorails.
I wanted to make them in 3D and have them spin around a suspended monorail beam liek the real ones

And have "Please stand of the doors, Por favor, mantente alejado de las puertas." written in cursive at the bottom.

I also would like another project with two Mark VI (6) Bombardeir monorails (pink and purple) crashing into each other and getting crumbled.
This is in honor of the 2009 monorail accident at WDW where monorails pink and purple crashed head to head at the transportation and ticket center entrance. And also in honor the the cast member who was driving pink who didn't make it.

I'm gonna need a lot of people for this (like 20) and it will probably take many many months but the outcome will be great.

List of jobs

3D renderers: 1. @JojoDude 2. 3. 4. 5.

Coders 1. 2. 3.

Sin/Cos 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Picture getter ( u get the pictures of the monorails). 1. @Murphy1 2.

Fancy text person: 1

Presedent: @Gabe_N

Vice Presedent:

Ask me to join and show me what you can do.


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Have you come to help me?


You need some Trains

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And yes.

Need twelve trains?

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Yes, and agian, they're monorails
Let's make an account for this.
I'll give u the user and pass and like that post when u have it down.

Ok great some trains :stuck_out_tongue:

(Face palm) what job do u want?

What jobs are there?

Look at the first post.

Picture getter or fancy text person

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I'll put u as picture getter.
When you find a picture post it here.
Also YT doesn't work for me because I'm at a hotel and their wifi doesn't allow YT.

Pictures of a train??

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Google WDW bombardeir Mark VI monorail.

Ok trains got it

Found one train :steam_locomotive:

Dude I'm serious.
Plz stop.

Ok ok

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I can do 3D stuff that rotates! Is that what you need?

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