HUGE collab, help!



Just read the whole thing first. Please don't flag.

I just went to a birthday party in Hawaii. This really introduced me to their culture and it really inspired me. I would love to make a huge collab to honor their ways of life. I need a lot of help.

Jobs Needed




Thanks in advance for any help. Also, I will give credit to anybody that helps.


I can help with all those things!! I'm not amazing at music, but I can do the others for sure! This sounds really fun.


I can either do code or decorations! This seems like a good idea!


@Rawrbear can you help with music?


Ok, great. I'm going to need all the help I can get.


Is both ok? I'm going to need a lot of help in every category.


Sure! I thought I could only pick one, lol


Nope. You can choose any or all. :wink:


How are we going to do it? Do we save into drafts or what?


We'll help with code :smile:


Ok, great! Thanks for your help.


Can we make a holla girl moving code thing


Sure. Have at it. That would be really cool. I can see Featured written all over this thing. @LinemStudio


@Sparkczy @LinemStudio @EnchantedAnimallover How do you guys/gals want to make this collab? Do you all have a Hopscotch email?


Nope, sorry. :grin::grimacing::grin::grimacing::grin::grimacing::grimacing:


That's ok. We can collab some other way. @EnchantedAnimallover


I'll do music! :D

I wonder if SmilingSnowflakes will like this post :P


Sorry, but the hopscotch email is linked to other stuff so I guess no


Also whats the collab account


Great! I'm really bad at music.