Huge beta update? Or just a bug?


I have no idea why, but hopscotch beta is about 50 MB bigger than hopscotch public. I have a lot of drafts on the public, but 1 or 2 on the beta, so this is weird... does this happen to anyone else? Is the update just really big?

Help @liza


Woah, mkay that is big 0-0

It could just be the update... I don't think it's a bug but I'm not sure


For me, the regular Hopscotch is 95.1 MB and the beta clocks in at 106 MB. So the beta is 11.1 MB larger, which is not as much of a difference as you. This might be because it is still in beta stages, so they have not compressed it and made the file smaller. I wouldn't worry about it tho


It's probably because of some of the overhaul of stuff.


That doesn't make any sense and excuse my grammar


That's big. Woah. I don't know! I'm not a good tech person


For me, the beta is 105 MB and the regular is 79.1 MB


I am. Today I'm making a scratch profile!


Maybe there will be new subscriber features...


That's true. More pictures mean a WHOLE lot more storage being taken up, and right now I'm using my free trial, so I did use some pictures...


What's true?


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Why did you say it? xD


I have no idea


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For a new user you know "the @system" pretty well!


What do you mean?


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