Huge art trade thing!


So I was thinking that we could have a huge art trade with 10-30 ish people and everyone participating would choose 2-10 request to do. Everyone would come up with some requests and choose other people’s requests to draw (As many as they had time for) It would be lots of fun and you can choose how much to participate! Reply saying that you want to do it and what your request is if you would like to join. Enjoy!

Sorry if you are confused. Bye!


Cannn I join! I’m not really really that good at drawing tho


Can I please join???!!!:grin: great idea btw!


Oh and my request would be
Brown hair super long
Tan skin
Blue eyes
Long white dress (like a beach dress I guess) or maybe a grey shirt with black pants and a black necklace (choker)


Can I join?
Lel now everyone who chooses to do mine will probably have to draw one of my OCs. Specifically the beautiful and cunning Shadow


If you want to join edit this post and place what you want others to draw in a post.



Who wants a potato?


Or a popcorn kernel


Thanks! My request is this space girl. The cat does not need to be included.


Who wants to do an art trade w/ me




I am not really the best but I am pretty good


K what do u want me to draw



May I join and can somebody please explain the rules here?



So you give out a request and then you will draw some other people’s requests. Edit your name into kayro’s post that is on global edit if you are going to join.


Um draw gambit! You know what he looks like right




Le gambit


I would like to join.


I’ll try. I’m rlly bad at art tho