HSer Quotes! XD


So pretty much find weird or cool things people have said and write them like this:
"Quote." ~Person, year (even better if you use the fancy font tho XD)

Cool quotes:
"If Hopscotch did not exist, easy. I would not be here." ~Sprouse, 2016

"If scratch didn't exist I never would have found hopscotch, which means I never would have found out about my sexuality or Harry Potter." -Potter Productions, 2016

"I am still young." —StarryDream, 2016

"when life give you lemons, make cranberry sauce and let Katy perry sue you for unlawfully copying her patented joke" ~Gabe, 2012 (on code.org) it how I found hopscotch

"Anything is possible. Even in Hopscotch." -Rawrbear

Derpy Quotes XD:
"GIVE ME YOUR USERNAME" ~HappyDolphin, 2016

Where's Gary? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Oh, there he is :0 :0" ~happyfacegirl, 2016

"Here I don't want Beyoncé" ~Sweetlina, 2016

"le gasp" ~iReesesCup, 2016

"oh ok i see
if that's how it is then
D:" - XiaoMiaoMi, 2016

"Argh Cakes" ~SmilingSnowflakes, 2016

WHY DO I ALWAYS QUIT!?-TRB,2015,Discourse.meta.org

"Umm... Wait a little bit... Just gonna charge it" ~Creations Of a Noob, 2016

"Kappa" -Rawrbear


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