HSBs And colour coding


When ever I try to use a HSB the colour always turns out a weird shade of that colour even when I had it on full saturation and brightness! What is wrong?


Can you send some Screenshots?


I don't know! :0

Can you try sending screen shots?

Also are you putting an RGB color into the HSB slot?


I can t quite send a screenshot because I don't have hopscotch and I was using my brothers account to do it... (DA-BEAST or on the forum @DA-BEASTY)

The project that I was referring to was the pixel art of a cat...

And no I don't think I put it as RGB.. I am pretty sure it was HSB


I don't know then...


Try imputing this, it should be I light pink
HSB 666,15,100


Uploading... is this the right shade?? I cannot tell


Sorry, gtg! 10:50... G'night!


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Wait for the screenshot to upload fully before replying!


Good night!

Lol it's morning for me :D




That's the right color :D


Ok! That's good, perhaps it only happened before the update? Idk... Well, anyways, thx for being helpful! :smile::blush:


Idk! :DD

Your welcome :D @Zazzer


Kk. Srsly g'night (yawn)


Good night XD @Zazzer