HSB Recommendation!



I use the app Paper 53 to get my HSB. You can take a screenshot of a character and then, use the little thingy to get the exact color. It will also show in HSB, and you can get all kinds of things. I never thought about using it in hopscotch until @ILoveSmudgey made a project about it. Immediately, I opened Paper 53 and began. If you need HSB, this is EXTREMELY helpful!!


You can also go to ColorCodePicker.com, just to clarify, hsl is HSB


What thingy? I don't know which one.


Did you know we have Paper in our private App Store? :smile:


OMG...I look at notifications and BOOM! Earned Regular! After looking at so many posts and topics! But yes, we do have it. Notability seems better than Paper, however.


But too bad Notability has no custom colors or HSB