HSB List Of Colors


Hello Everyone, My Name is Kikflip. I remember when I started to use hsb colors and an hsb list on this forum heled me out so I decided to make my own.

About HSB
If you don’t know hsb stands for hue, saturation, and brightness. Hue is the basic color your choosing. For instance hues around 100 are green and hues around 200 are blue. Next, Saturation is the intensity of the color. If you want a dull color you lower the saturation or intensity vise versa. Finally, brightness is the lightness or darkness of a color. A low brightness makes a dark color and a high brightness makes a bright color like neon. However no matter what when the brightness is 0 the color will be black.

if you didn’t read that don’t worry it’s extra info

Color List
Basic Colors🙂
·Red (0,100,100)
·Dark Blue(240,100,100)

Special Colors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
·Neon Green(100,100,100)
·Aqua Blue(180,100,100)
·Dark Green(80,60,40)
·Minty(150,50,100) looks like mint ice cream lol :joy:
·Sunburn(5,55,100) lel :man_facepalming:‍♂️
·Khaki(30,20,90) like the pants :smile:

Thats all for now. If you didn’t find the color you were looking for or would like to add one please tell me and I will gladly add the color you are looking for.:+1:

Hey, I'm a newbie!

Hello! I was the first one on this forum to make a HSB color list (I think), and I am happy that you made your own. HSB lists are helpful, and do you think that it was this topic that helped you?

Or, was it another topic? There are lots of HSB color lists on this forum :slight_smile:


@William04GamerA Your list helped me the most with Colors so thank you for that. I tried not to copy


Wow, I am happy that I could help you with my list! I have some more HSB Color lists on Hopscotch too. This list is really good! Great job! :+1:


Thank You @William04GamerA


Wow, that is so cool, I’m going to try and use some of those in the new art pad I’m making!


Good to know ill look for it. What is your name on Hopscotch @CheesyOlive10


It’s CheesyOlive10
I bet NObody would guess that! :star_struck:

What’s yours?


Lol just making sure some people dont have the same forum name but mine is Kikflip😉




Very helpful for people like me who are terrible at HSB and RGB. I find HSB harder though, so this topic is extremely helpful.


I know what you mean @sophia71205


That is sooooo cool, I didn’t realise u could make that sort of colour