HSB Draw Pad Lag!



I am having glitches that include lagging that is HORRIBLE and CRASHING when I try to use HSB. I have restarted and re-downloaded hopscotch but it still is leggy and crashes. I now have to ask other peopled to do the code for me! I don't like having to do that because I would really like to code a draw pad with HSB. Now my Draw Pad 2.0 is DELAYED until my HSB quits lagging, and somebody, PLEASE!!!!!


That sounds terrible!!!!! Did you try emailing Hopscotch?


I have a school iPad so I can't!


Would you like me to email for you?


What version of iPad? How many colours? @LazyLizard


I'm on iOS eight, I cannot update to iOS nine, school iPad.


But what version of iPad?


iPad Air. I am going to email support@gethopscotch.com


Ok! If there are a lot of colours it might lag!


Like, when I put in the first HSB it was lagging and crashing when I was trying to do code. Thanks for helping!